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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
2 Rabi Al-Thani 1438

Hamzah Lions Soccer and Basketball Update – Last Chance

Alsalam Alikum brothers and sisters,

Alhamdu Lillah, we had many children sign up for our youth soccer and basketball teams. We had our first meeting with the parents this Sunday and have the following updates to you:


The fees are intended to recoup expenses and not really pay the Masjid anything. In fact, the Masjid will be subsiding some of the costs.

Each player will have a Hamzah Lions T-Shirt (our cost is $20 per) and we will be paying for rental facilities for kids to play in during practice in the cold weather and during tournaments.

The fees will be $100 for one child; $175 for 2, $250 for 3, $300 for 4 and more. These fees are one time (not monthly) and to be paid in full by this Sunday Feb 1st Insha Allah.

Uniforms, Shoes, Etc

Each player will wear a Hamzah Lions T-Shirt but each player must have appropriate long pants and shoes. Basketball shoes are required for all those signing up for basketball.

Cleat less soccer shoes are required for indoor soccer practice in the first 2 months. Shoes with cleats may be worn when we play outdoors.  Each soccer player must wear shin guards and long socks.

Each player must bring a ball with him/her for practice.

Play and Practice Times

Soccer will play each Wednesday at 7 PM Insha Allah at the Star Soccer Club on 14294 Birmingham Hwy, Milton, GA 30004. It is about 5 minutes drive from the Alpharetta Masjid (ICNF).

Basketball players will meet each Thursday at 6:30 PM Insha Allah. We are still negotiating for a location.

Registration Deadline, Waiver Form and Dues

All registration and forms must be submitted during this coming Sunday (Feb 1st) School (10:30 to 2PM) and payment tendered in full. Otherwise, registration will be cancelled.

Please be informed that the fees are going to be non-refundable as the Masjid is already incurring costs associated with reservation and scheduling.

We have uploaded the registration and waiver form on our website. You can simply click on the following link to download:



Please contact our Youth Sports Director, brother Emad Hamid, for any questions related to this email or our sports activities. Emad can be reached at: 770-540-3510 or via email at: eshamid@hotmail.com.

Jazakum Allah Khairan