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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
2 Rabi Al-Thani 1438

Masjid Hamzah

                          About Hamzah Islamic Center

Mission Statement

Masjid Hamzah is a non-profit, Islamic educational institute founded and run by community members committed to providing an environment to allow for the practice and education of Islam all while adhering to the principles of Sunnah and Jammah throughout.


A major principle of the Masjid is the acceptance of all four schools of thought and Fiqh.


The Institute offers Islamic educational and training opportunities to the community to increase knowledge, to enhance character, and to develop skills to become true slave to GOD (Allah).


Another important principle is the drive to include all of the Muslims in the area regardless of their national origin.


The Masjid is a place of worship and will not serve as a podium/platform for any political agendas.


The Masjid members will strictly adhere to all government and local laws and policies.



Hamzah Islamic Center was founded in 2005 based on the principles described above. The center rented a property of 6,000 SQ FT to accommodate both Jumaa prayers and its growing Sunday school demands. 


The community grew by the Grace of Allah that the center has purchased 11.9 acres of land located approximately a mile west of its rental location. A county hearing was held at Forsyth County to approve building of a prayer hall, gym, religious school, daycare, playgrounds and more. AlhamduLillah, the project was unanimously approved by all commissioners.


We rented a new modular building of 8,000 SQ FT on our land, finished a section of the parking lot and expanded our school offering.


Current Location

665 Tidwell Rd

Alpharetta, GA 30004 


Masjid Services

  1. 5 daily prayers.
  2. Friday prayers.
  3. Eid prayers.
  4. Dawa/Interfaith services.
  5. Community gathering.
  6. Classes for men, women and children.
  7. Activity center.



Board Members

Chairman - Shakil Ghaya: (706) 284-0148

Vice Chairman - TBD

Treasurer - Umar Ibrahim: (404) 667-4550

Secretary - Mansoor Khan: (678) 862-2714

Youth Director - Azhar Khan: (678) 896-5414

Social Affairs Director - Siraj Mohammad: (203) 837-6164

Facility Director - Muhammad Nadeem: (678) 327-9006